Building bridges to the future.


Our Mission

Building upon years of entrepreneurial endeavors, GraySky Media Holdings LLC is on a journey to build value and a good return on investment for our family of shareholders.  We have brought together a unique combination of talents and resources and through constant innovation, we are building bridges to the future.


  • The world is changing rapidly…growing and expanding. Many see mega cities being our future but, the cost of living in those mega cities will go up as more and more people demand their own places to call home and at some point that will push a lot of people to search for places outside of those larger than life city hubs. Both to keep costs reasonable and also to enjoy more natural surroundings as well.

  • Those balances of wanting jobs in large city centers and the reasonable living costs associated with suburban areas will ultimately lead to a lot of people commuting from bedroom towns all around these mega cities thus, clogging our highways and making commutes longer and longer.

  • Urban Air Mobility, Regional Air Mobility and Air-Taxis are poised to take center stage in a beautiful, greener and more Eco-friendly transportation system being built right now by big companies around the world. Companies like: Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Zunum Aero, Eviation, Bell, Lilium, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Safran, Transcend Air, ASX, Volocopter and Pipistrel just to name a few. Our brand will play a big part in this growing new market. That is where we will build many beautiful bridges to the future.

Building BRIDGES IN Law Enforcement DRONES

  • Many Police Agencies and Law Enforcement Professionals are quickly adopting unmanned aerial systems - also known as drones - for search and rescue, traffic accident re-construction and SWAT response.

  • By taking advantage of the latest in drone technology, Law Enforcement Professionals are able to provide better solutions to the many and sometimes dangerous situations they are faced with every day.

  • Providing our Talon Enforcement Drone to Law Enforcement Professionals everywhere is a very important and rewarding endeavor…one that will require commitment, honor and the willingness to do the best we can. That is also where we will build many beautiful bridges to the future.


  • The world is changing rapidly but, photography can slow it down and capture the essence of our human existence and the beauty that surrounds us. We can capture a beautiful moment in time and preserve it, provide aesthetic pleasure that soothes the soul or even spark the child within us.

  • That is the essence of photography and until now it has been anchored to the earth by our inability to least inexpensively that is, but, with the development of smaller and cheaper cell phone technology, aerial flying cameras are now blossoming and multiplying at a dizzying rate, providing us with many new and wonderful vantage points from which to see the world.

  • Our Flying.Camera brand provides a beautiful way for everyone to express themselves and share their moments with the world. That is where we will build many beautiful bridges to the future.