Some of Our Brightest Projects


We are providing an easy and exciting way for everyone to get engaged with the world around them and to share and express themselves through aerial photography.  Providing a different vantage point from which to see our beautiful world.  This will definitely be a game changer.


Racing Drones will be a big part of FPV Sports because it brings out our natural instinct to improve ourselves and get better and better at whatever we are doing.  Flying a racing drone like we were in the front seat is addictive and immersive.  FPVRacingDrones will provide a way to examine the ins and outs, the many models and frames and help educate all of us so we can keep getting better and this has a bright future.


Part of the appeal of new FPV Sports is the ability to be immersed in a sort of out of the body kind of experience.  One that allows us to fly like a bird through the air, twisting and turning and challenging ourselves as we fly ever faster.  FPVRacingNetwork will bring that kind of flying to the masses and it also has a very bright future.