Building bridges to the future.


Our Mission

Building upon years of entrepreneurial endeavors, GraySky Media Holdings LLC is on a journey to build value and a good return on investment for our family of shareholders.  We have brought together a unique combination of talents and resources and through constant innovation, we are building bridges to the future.


  • The world is changing rapidly but, photography can slow it down and capture the essence of our human existence and the beauty that surrounds us.  We can capture a beautiful moment in time and preserve it, provide aesthetic pleasure that soothes the soul or even spark the child within us.
  • That is the essence of photography and until now it has been anchored to the earth by our inability to least inexpensively that is, but, with the development of smaller and cheaper cell phone technology, aerial flying cameras are now blossoming and multiplying at a dizzying rate, providing us with many new and wonderful vantage points from which to see the world.
  • Our Flying.Camera brand provides a beautiful way for everyone to express themselves and share their moments with the world.  That is where we will build many beautiful bridges to the future.

Building BRIDGES IN FPV Sports

  • When people think of drones, a lot of what is envisioned is negative but, there are simple, fun and exciting aspects that haven't been envisioned yet by most of our society.
  • When we were children a lot of us imagined being able to soar through the sky like a bird or fly in a jet and look down on the earth in a whole new way...that is one of the areas where FPV Sports will delight the young and the young at heart.
  • First Person View (FPV) Sports like Drone Racing are giving us the chance to live that dream...the dream of flying like a bird, of swooping in and out of the trees or gazing upon the beauty of the earth in a whole new way.  With FPV Sports, we'll be able to immerse ourselves and see the world from a totally new and exciting point of view.


  • It may not be as exciting as Aerial Photography or Drone Racing but, there's a whole world out there that exists because of routine maintenance inspections and keeping things in good working order is of paramount importance to a lot of industries.
  • Keeping all of these things in good working order consumes a lot of money and resources to physically go out and inspect infrastructure and may also take a while to complete depending on the scope and location of the inspections required.
  • To save time and money, companies are starting to look to commercial drones to take on some of these tasks and we plan on being in the middle of these boring but beneficial, cost saving exercises.